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    Saturday,my grandma made dumplings,one of the dumplings like obedient little ducks swimming in the bowl.My in the mind have a little not to eat them.But the smell of fragrance and let me greedy slobber,I eat up tit-bit.But I eat dumplings,the heart have a kind of feeling can not tell.


    This morning I woke up at 6 o 'clock is to the kitchen for mom made a bowl of beef and tomato noodles,mother looked at me as she do breakfast is very happy,she finally put all eat noodles,very delicious,also say I grew up,not a kid,can look after himself,I listened also very happy.


    Today,I did housework for grandmother.She is not very healthy and I decide to do housework for her more frequently.And she will feel happy and bee better.Suddenly,an idea hit me that it's terrible to grow old becuase you have to worry about both your health and others' opinions.Once again,I make a decision to be a good girl.


    It was sunny and very hot today.I got up early and helped my parents cook breakfast.Then I washed the dishes and cleaned the room.After a short rest I did my homework in the morning.In the afternoon I went swimming in the nearest swimming pool with my friends.It was really cool to swim in such a hot day.I surfed the internet and read a storybook in the evening.I really had a busy and interesting day.


    I got up early this morning.After breakfast I went to the beach near my home with my friends.We went there by bike.As soon as we got there,we played with the sand and walked on the beach.We also went boating.It was really fantastic.In the afternoon I went to the library and read books there.I also helped my parents make dinner.After dinner I washed the dishes.In the evening I did my homework.Then I surfed the internet.I had a busy and interesting day.


    What a fine day today !I'm very happy in this fine day .Beaucse today I don't have to do my homework and I can play with my good friends .There is lots of snow now 日记小鲤鱼跳龙门读后感,so we make a sonw man .That's really intersting .We play with snow to about 6:30 .Of couse I must go home now.What a fan day !


    Next week I would like to go to Kaifeng and parents.Kaifeng has many great snacks,such as steamed buns,sesame seed Gaul.Kaifeng also on the famous Qingming River Park,I think it has to be very beautiful.My parents will be opened to see my uncle and live in his house one night.


    The end of the summer,should have a good rest! But my mother is very busy.As the daughter of course I want to help my mother to do some.Early in the morning I got up,washed the dishes,sweep the floor,cooking and so on,at noon,I tired,lying on the bed,fan fan,more fortable.


    I like the Chinese new year better than any other festival.This is a time especially for rest and joy.I need not study.I wear good clothes and eat good food.I have a good time from morning till night.I am as happy as a king.


    Yesterday was my birthday,so some of my classmates sent me presents.Mother prepared a tea party for me.I invited all of them to e and take part in it.The tea party began at half past six.There were cold drinks and refreshments.We ate,talked and laughed.We felt that we were the happest men in the world.

    名著读后感100字 读上下五千年读后感 the 小鲤鱼跳龙门读后感
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