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  • The Famous London Eye小学英语作文

    The Famous London Eye小学英语作文

    Today my topic is The Famous London Eye. The London Eye is also known as the Millennium Wheel. It was built to commemorate the year 2000. Now it has become one of the most famous places for tourism in London. It's located by the Thames River. It is the third largest ferries wheel in the world. If you go on the wheel, you may feel excited and a little scared too. Each cabin can contain about 15 people. There are thirty-two cabins on the wheel. Every cabin is air-conditioned. I think they must be pretty comfortable. The height of the London Eye is 135 meters, and the speed of its rotation is 0.26 meters per second. It takes thirty minutes to finish one revolution. That’s a long time, but you can enjoy the beautiful view of London.

    The designer of this project is David Marx. I think he is a great and smart person. I want to be a building designer too. I will study hard and try to make my dream come true! Before that, I would like to travel all over the world and try to enjoy different kinds of buildings and views!

    That’s all! Thank you!

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