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    Animals Need Protecting

    Animals are natural resources that people have wasted all through our history. Animals have been killed for their fur and feathers, for food, for sport, and simply because they were in the way. Thousands of kinds of animals have disappeared from the earth forever. Hundreds more are on the danger list today. About 170 kinds in the United States alone are considered in danger.

    Why should people care? Because we need animals, and because once they are gone, there will never be any more. Animals are more than just beautiful or interesting. They are more than just a source of food. Every animal has its place in the balance of nature. Destroying one kind of animal can create many problems. For example, when farmers killed large numbers of hawks, the farmers' stores of corn and grain were destroyed by rats and mice. Why? Because hawks eat rats and mice, with no hawks to keep down their numbers, the rats and mice multiplied quickly.

    Luckily, some people are working to help save the animals. Some groups raise money to let people know about the problem. And they try to get the governments to pass laws protecting animals in danger. Quite a few countries have passed laws. These laws forbid the killing of any animal or plant on the danger list. Slowly, the number of some animals in danger is growing.


    Protect animals

    I am a student from Xinhua High School in Chongqing阿凡提的故事读后感,China. Informed that you have a vacancy for a student to serve as the spokesman for animals, I cannot resist my inner excitement,hoping to seize the opportunity to do something for animals .

    In my mind阿凡提的故事读后感,nothing can delight me so much as caring for animals. Wherever I go and whatever I do, I usually keep in mind that animals are angels from the heaven, which bring us endless comfort and pleasure. I have been a panda lover since my childhood. Panda is so lovely that brings fun to people and they are regarded as the treasure of our country. Unfortunately美文阿凡提的故事读后感,such a rare species is now faced with the danger of being extinct。What I am eager to do is to raise people’s awareness of animal protection and appeal to more people to care for our earth companies.

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