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    I am Sophia is my English name. I am 18 years old, studying in a public high school. I come from a very happy middle-class family. My father works in a bank and my mother works in a bookstore. I am the only child in the family; however, I am not the so-called spoiled child. My parents have trained me to be independent since I was a child. Throughout my academic years, I not only get good grades but also am very active on sport field and involved in school club activities. I play volleyball and enjoy the team spirit we have. I have joined the drama club and participated in many English speech contests. I really enjoy participating in school activities; I not only make many friends and have lots of fun but also gain many different valuable experiences.

    I had been the class English assistant for almost three years. I liked to discuss and share the experience of learning English with people a lot. We often read China Post and Time Magazine then discussed their contents, the word usages and practice speaking English by discussing the articles we read. In the beginning, we found it hard because we could rarely understand the content, but we encouraged each other not to give up. Gradually, we had made improvement. We were so excited. Then the group discussion of English books and magazines became one of the most enjoyable thing for us to do every week. I won the first prize in the school English speech contest in my second year of high school and many of my English articles had been put on Students Post. My fondness for English has been developed since my childhood. It is lonely to be the only child. I had no one to play with when I was a kid. My mother knew about this so she brought me with her all the time. Hence, bookstores became my childhood playground and books have been my playmates. Mother would show me those fancy books with cute illustrations

    on them. Firstly drawn by the pictures, I was curious about these strange symbols called “words.” This was my first contact with English. As I was interested in knowing what those symbol mean, my parents taught me a bit. As they felt that I was eager to learn, they got me an English tutor. Thanks to my parents, I have advantages in learning English by starting at a really early age. My interest in English brought me to the world of English literature. I have been enchanted by this creative world, so I decide to major in English literature. My aim is to explore the world of literature and the world of great writers, opening my eyes and cultivating my mind through this great world of literature. Besides English literature, I also have a wide range of hobbies. I love reading, writing, music and movies. I have my active side as well. I enjoy swimming, hiking, traveling and getting close to Nature a lot. I believe we must achieve a sense of balance in our lives. As to my personality, I am creative, optimistic, determined, willing to help others and down to earth. I want to be one of the literature students who has the privilege of studying great writers’ works and exploring their inner worlds, their outlook of lives, their roles as learned scholars and their influences on the world. I hope I can also make some contribution to the awareness of culture and literature in our society since its importance has been neglected.

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