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    Its about one and a half month away from the Chinese New Year, It is a festival celebrated by the Chinese people at the beginning of the lunar calendar year.

    As of the Chinese traditional customs, our parents and grandparents will sweep every corner of the house and clean the windows until they gleam, and washing clothes, buying foods and goods for the new years future use and presents.

    Children will be the most benefited group during this feast period. One month before that, they are expecting the new clothes, delicious foods. The firecrackers and the years allowance for their increased ages.

    In recent years, with the rising of the standard of life, Chinese tend to make various holiday plans to spend a different and meaningful new year. Such as traveling abroad, or be absorbed in their hobbies, and even work.

    Why today we try to spend our Chinese new year in such a different way? I think thats because this is a era of free life and personality high-ranking. Though there are still something traditional, our young generation is attempting to make something new and suitable for ourselves. And we would like to take something really worth to be cherished in our memorable treasures. Thats amazing and wonderful!

    Ill always keep in mind that the Chinese new year is a great feast inherited from our ancestors, but if necessary, I would like to enjoy it by some ways personal.

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