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    This city has not been snowing for years. But this year is different.

    Snow covered the street, and countless Elves were beating in the air. I looked at it, and I was fascinated. The snow I have seen in other cities is different from her. She is gentle and gently caressing you, and the snow in Beijing is heavy and hard to stand.

    I saw a little snow and snow on the Bush, and the ground was full of white snow being trampled and merged into sewage. During the period, I was also filled with some new snow. I feel sorry for them. I think the spirit dancing in the sky is the most beautiful. On the other side, the environmental sanitation aunt wearing orange colored environmental protection clothes took the bundled broom, and struggled to sweep the snow to the side of the road. She swept up, and fell to the ground and landed on the busy day of the sanitation nurse in the winter.

    The dark road carrying the winter, the winter Elves will this small town has a painted oil painting, oil painting in the asphalt road.


    The snow in winter can give me a lot of imagination. I fantasized that I was snow white, wearing snow white clothes, playing in the snow. The winter of last year was especially cold, but I felt warmed. When the winter arrived, my mother was knitting a sweater for me every day. Every morning when I open my eyes, my mother has already quietly put the fire on the room, as warm as in spring, the clothes have been drying up very warm, always in the care of my mother, my love.

    The cold season in winter, the cold wind, without mercy, the mother's teeth hurt, when the wind is painful, sometimes can not speak. Looking at my mother's pain, I wish I could do something for my mother. It's a cold morning again. I just fooled and eaten two or three food for breakfast, so I had to carry my schoolbag away. Then my mother suddenly said, "come on, I'll give you all of these." I said, "are you not a toothache? No, I'm going." My mother just pulled me back, and sincere words and earnest wishes to me said: "breakfast to eat, otherwise the morning classes did not have the strength." Listening to my mother's words, my heart seemed to be violently impacted. It blurred.


    In a snowy, cold winter, I personally experienced a warm thing.

    This day, the sky is fluttering with large snowflakes, the whole world is white, like a thick layer of quilt. I ran out of my home because of the heavy snow, because my mother was ill and my father was not at home. I had to go to a hospital outside and buy some medicine. I ran and ran, ran and ran, though I didn't know how many times I had fallen and how many times I got up again, but I still didn't stop my footsteps. However, because of the downhill fall and turned a big somersault, the palm of the hand and the arm was scratched. Then a uncle came up and pulled me kindly and asked me why I ran out of the snow. I told him that my mother was ill and I had to go to the hospital to buy some medicine. The uncle said that the heavenly horse was going to be black and the road was not good. I accompanied you to the hospital. Later, we went to the hospital together. The doctor in the hospital said that only the patient was sent to watch to know what the disease was, so that we could know how to treat it.

    I am confused, because this section of the road is so hard to walk, I walked so long time, fell so many times now that mom is sick to come? The uncle seemed to see my worries and said, "don't worry, my uncle will help you." So the uncle took me in the direction of home.


    White, white, white snow Xiao Xiao sasa. In the face of such a snow world, my heart is raised by some pleasure, then with a winter snow mood, into the white world.

    A good "Snow" is known when "winter" occurs. See the snow in the slightest, indistinct, slowly, gently fluttering in the fall, I thought of those words describe snow, what "white, glittering and translucent, soft, clean and pure, simple and elegant," remembered "snow have nothing?" "If the LiuXu because of the wind" and "the flower of grass five, six unique snowflake" "as the spring breeze comes suddenly, Qian Shu pear blossoms, and other poems; think of" Ruixue harvest as "the proverb; even the thought of Shelley in" Ode to the west wind in the words "oh, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?"

    Silent snow, still heavily durian, but in my heart, I had to draw on the winter snow angel of love. Snow, not just cold, it has a warm heart. It melts selflessly in the light of the sun, and makes water to supply the earth and moisten the world.

    绿山墙的安妮读后感 滴水穿石的读后感 明朝那些事儿读后感 新民主主义论读后感 the

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