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  • 优美的英文句子

    最是那一低头的温柔,恰似一朵水莲花不胜凉风的娇羞。   Bow that is the most gentle, like a lotus cool shy.  春水初生,春林初盛,春风十里,不如你。   Spring born, spring forest Chusheng, ten in the spring, as you.  给时间时间,让过去过去。   Give time, let the past pass.  后来我知道了,没有自我的人,走到哪里都找不到自我。   Later, I know, there is no self, go to where they can not find themselves.  听说,鱼的的记忆只有7秒钟,看见,转身,遗忘。   I heard that the memory of the fish only 7 seconds, see, turn around, forget.  心若没有栖息的地方,到哪里都是流浪...  Heartif there is no place to perch on, where all are wandering...  等待与时间无关,它是一种习惯。 它自由生长,而他无力抵抗。   Waiting has nothing to do with time. It is a habit. It's free to grow, and he's powerless to resist.  成为个体也很优美,因为它是自由。 呆在山谷里也同样优美,因为这是一种休息。   Become an individual is also very beautiful, because it is free. Stay in the valley is also beautiful, because it is a kind of rest.  人生最大的幸福,是发现自己爱的人正好也爱着自己。   The greatest happiness in life is that you find the one you love is loving you as well.  优雅是唯一不会褪色的美。   Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.  人情冷暖正如花开花谢,不如将这种现象,想成一种必然的季节。   As the flowers bloom Men's feelings are changeable. Xie, as this phenomenon, want to become a kind of inevitable season.  一天很短,开心了就笑,不开心了就过会儿再笑。   A day is very short, happy smile, not happy to smile again.  一个人至少拥有一个梦想,有一个理由去坚强。   A person has at least one dream, there is a reason to be strong.  没有什么会永远,也没有什么会很久,找个借口,谁都可以先走。   Nothing will be forever, and nothing will be long, to find an excuse, who can go first.  你所在之处,是我不得不思念的天涯海角。   Where you are, I have to miss the remotest corners of the globe.  与其想着怎么美丽地牺牲,倒不如想着怎么漂亮地活到最后一刻。   Instead of thinking about how beautiful the sacrifice, it is better to think about how to live beautifully to the last minute.  成长是一种蜕变,失去了旧的,必然因为又来了新的,这就是公平。   Growth is a kind of transformation, lost the old, because it is a new, it is fair.  错过,不是错了,而是过了。   Miss, not wrong, but too.  你之所以感到孤独,并不是没有人关心你,而是你在乎的那个人没有关心你。   The reason why you feel lonely, not no one care about you, but you do not care about the people who do not care about you.  最是人间留不住, 朱颜辞镜花辞树。   The world is not to stay, Zhu Yanci and trees.  做一个明媚的女子,不倾城,不倾国,只倾其所有的去爱。   A beautiful woman, not little, do not do, only all the love.  所有随风而逝的都属于昨天的,所有历经风雨留下来的才是面向未来的。   All belong to yesterdays gone with the wind, all through the wind and rain left is for the future.  尊重是一缕春风,一泓清泉,一颗给人温暖的舒心丸,一剂催人奋进的强心剂。   Respect is a spring, a spring, a give a person warm Shuxin pill, a dose of inspiring confidence.  一花一世界,一叶一菩提。   One world, a bodhi.  生命太短,一分钟都不能留给那些让你不快的人或事。   Life is too short to be left to the people or things that make you unhappy.  感情,是用来维持的,不是用来考验的。 爱人,是用来疼爱的,不是用来伤害的。   Feelings, is used to maintain, not to test the. Lover, is used to love, not to hurt.  以清净心看世界,以欢喜心过生活,以平常心生情味,以柔软心除挂碍。   Look at the world with a pure heart, with joy in your life, in a normal heart touch, with a soft heart except guaai.  喝一口忘川的水英语美文200字,再喝一口记川的水,忘记了一切论文,又记起了一切。   A drink of water in lethe, drank a sip of water on Sichuan, forget everything, and remember everything.  烟霞清净尘无迹,水月空灵性自明。   Clean the Dust Haze without trace, hidden vacancy since the Ming dynasty.  每个人都有属于自己的一片森林,迷失的人迷失了,相逢的人会再相逢。   Everyone has their own forest, lost people lost, meet people will meet again.  不必遗憾。 若是美好,叫做精彩。 若是糟糕,叫做经历。   Don't regret. If good, called wonderful. If it's bad, it's called experience.  一个知己就像一面镜子,反应出我们天性中最优美的一部分。   A bosom friend is like a mirror, reflecting the most beautiful part of our nature.  没有秋日落叶的飘零,何来新春绿芽的饿明丽?只有懂得失去,才会重新拥有。   No autumn leaves fall, where spring green shoots hungry bright? Only know how to lose, will have to re.  失去的东西,其实从来未曾真正地属于你,也不必惋惜。   Lost things, in fact, never really belong to you, do not have to regret.  原来这一场千里的跋涉英语美文200字,只不过是来做最后一次甚至无法相见的告别。   Originally this one thousand miles of trek, but is to do the last time can not even meet the farewell.  生命是一袭华美的袍,爬满了蚤子。   Life is a beautiful gown, crawling with fleas.  大把大把的时光从指缝间遛走,留下许多叫知识和情感的东西握在手里。   A lot of time from the fingers go, leaving many intellectual and emotional things in hand.  生活像一段优美的旋律,加了歌词会毁了原来的优美。   Life is like a beautiful melody, and the lyrics will destroy the original beautiful.  如果,我知道有一天会这么爱你,我一定对你一见钟情。   If I know that one day I will love you, I will love you at first sight.  幸福是生生不息,却难以触及的远。   Happiness is life and growth in nature, but it's too far to reach.  优等的心,不必华丽,但必须坚固。   A master's heart is not necessary, but it must be strong.  踮起脚尖,我们就能离幸福更近点吗?  Tiptoe, we can be more close to the happiness point?  梦想,可以天花乱坠,理想,是我们一步一个脚印踩出来的坎坷道路。   You can dream, ideal, is a bumpy road as if it were raining flowers, we step by step out of step.  尘埃落定之后,回忆别来挑拨。   After the dust settles, don't provoke memories.  喜欢的歌,静静地听,喜欢的人,远远地看!  Favorite song, listen quietly, like the people, far to see!  回忆就象赴一场与你的约会,你会想我么?会偶尔想我么?  Memories like to go to a date with you, you will think of me? Would you miss me?  刚刚好英语美文200字,看见你幸福的样子,于是幸福着你的幸福。   Just good, see you happy, so happy your happiness.  一剪闲云一溪月,一程山水一年华。 一世浮生一刹那,一树菩提一烟霞。   A cloud a river, a landscape of a time. I a moment, a bodhi tree in a haze.  我很好,不吵不闹不炫耀,不要委屈不要嘲笑,也不需要别人知道。   I am very good, do not quarrel not to show off, do not wronged, do not laugh, do not need others to know.  时光总有一天会将你我拆散,可是即便如此,在那个时刻之前,也让我们在一起吧!  Time one day will break up you and me, but even so, until that moment, let us together!  我不相信手掌的纹路,但我相信手掌加上手指的力量。   I don't believe in the lines of the palm of your hand, but I believe in the power of the palm of your hand.  能在一起就不能在一起吧,也许,一辈子也没那么长。   Together can not be together, perhaps, a lifetime is not so long.  远远看去优美而神秘的人和事,只要拉近了看,就会明白它们原来既不神秘又不优美。   From far away to look at the beautiful and mysterious people and things, as long as the closer look, will understand that they are neither mysterious and beautiful.  君生我未生,我生君已老。   Jun Sheng I was not born, I was born king.  迷茫时,坚定地对自己说,当时的梦想,我还记得。   Confused, firmly on their own, said the dream, I still remember.  一个人,如果你不逼自己一把,你根本不知道自己有多优秀。   A person, if you don't force yourself, you don't know how good you are.  就让我们继续与生命的慷慨与繁华相爱;即使岁月以刻薄与荒芜相欺。   Let us continue to fall in love with the generosity of life and prosperity, even if the years with the harsh and barren.  很多时候,你不说,我也不说,就这样,说着说着就变了,想着想着就算了。   Most of the time, you do not say, I do not say, so, saying it has changed, thinking about even if the.  不曾酒醉已清醒,不曾深爱已无情。   Never drunk has been sober, not in love i
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