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    When I was achild, I raised a pet, named Lucky. Actually he is a cat. His fur is soft with yellowand white color. Lucky is a good boy. He always behaves well. I remember whenmy uncle took him back to my home at first, I was afraid of him. But soon I foundhim is very interesting. I started to play with him. As time goes, we likeeach other very much. And then my uncle gave him to me. I was so happy. Now healways lies beside me quietly, when I’m doing my homework. As winter comes, hewill sleep with me. sometimes he will dance for me, which is very funny and sometimeshis hands are wet would leave many “plum flower” on the ground. He is so lovely.

    在我还是个孩子的时候美文摘抄及赏析,就养了一只叫做幸运的宠物。其实他是一只猫。他的毛很柔软,是黄色和白色。幸运的.是一个好男孩。他总是很听话。 我记得当我叔叔带他来到我家的时候,我很怕他。但不久后美文摘抄及赏析,我发现他很有趣。我开始和他玩。随着时间的推移日记,我们都互相非常喜欢对方。之后我叔叔就把他送给了我。我是如此的高兴。现在他总是在我做家庭作业的时候悄悄地躺在我的身边。冬天来了,他会跟我一起睡。有时他会为我跳舞,那是非常有趣的美文摘抄及赏析,有时他的爪子湿了就会在地面上留下许多“梅花”。 他很可爱。

    秋天的美文美段 me 美文摘抄及赏析 教育美文 写景的美文

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